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Sometimes during the course of our lives we find ourselves struggling to cope with all manner of difficulties. You may be dealing with troubling or painful feelings, confusion and worries, anxiety and stress or perhaps a less identifiable feeling such as a general sense of unhappiness. Counselling can give you the opportunity to explore these uncomfortable feelings in a respectful, supportive and confidential setting, without judgement. If you are experiencing any emotional or psychological difficulties then maybe I can help you.

What happens in counselling?

You may feel that you have a specific issue that you need help with and a few sessions of counselling will be sufficient or you may have a more deep-rooted problem that requires a more in-depth approach and with this in mind we can work together in an open ended way.

You’ll see on my Contact page that I offer a free half hour meeting on request by you. At this point we can begin to get to know each other and you may wish to tell me why you are looking for counselling and what you are hoping for. You may also wish to ask me some questions or to clarify something with me.

During our sessions I will encourage you to talk freely and openly whilst I listen, reflecting and offering insight and support at all times. I will not offer you either advice or a solution but I may ask some questions in order to help you develop a greater understanding of your difficulties. The counselling process is one of self-exploration and self-awareness.

What kind of counselling?

I trained as an integrative counsellor and combine several models which I feel offers a sympathetic and flexible way of working. It allows a ‘pick and mix’ approach so I can help in a way that is best for you – that is, what helps you most.

How can counselling be useful?

Our relationship is at the heart of how I work. As we get to know each other the relationship provides an understanding and insight into how you interact with others in the wider world. As you become more conscious of your emotional and behavioural patterns your sense of self-awareness increases. (For more about who I am and my training please see my About Me page.)

Personal issues can feel overwhelming and whether it is a bereavement, a relationship difficulty, stress, anxiety, depression or any other form of emotional or psychological discomfort, then maybe counselling or psychotherapy can help you to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

Contact Me

If you would like more information about the counselling service I offer or you would like to make an initial appointment please do call me on either 07711 047205 or 01372 458103 or me. Please see my Contact Me page for more detailed information.