Leatherhead Counselling

A Therapist near Leatherhead in Surrey

Hello, my name is Ros Coleman and welcome to my website. I hope you’ll find it interesting and when reading it get a sense of how I work as a therapist (please see my Counselling page) and a little about me as a person too (please see my About Me page).

From time to time it may feel hard to cope on your own with the stress and challenges of life. Friends and family can be very supportive at times like this but sometimes they are just a little too close to be objective in helping you find what is best for you or perhaps you don’t want to worry or burden them with your problems. Finding my website now may have come about because you are feeling like this.

If so:

Trusting your Therapist

You’ll want to find someone who you can trust, who you can connect with, a person to whom you can relate. To help you make, what may feel like a daunting or perhaps even a frightening decision, I offer, upon request, a free 30 minute appointment (please see my Contact Me page) where we can meet and begin to get to know each other before making any further decision about whether you’d like to continue.

From Stress to Bereavement

Counselling may be able to help, whatever the size or nature of the problem you are facing. If you are unhappy or troubled in some way then talking to someone who is professionally trained, like myself, maybe the first step for you in getting back on track. You may be experiencing a problem in your marriage or in another relationship and feel unable to talk to anyone about this or perhaps you have recently suffered a bereavement and unable to face the world but can’t talk to anyone as they are suffering too. You may be under a lot of stress at work and need to work out some strategies as to how to manage this. I have a wide range of experience so please do click on my About Me page where you can read more about this.

Take a Look Around

I do hope you will take a look around my website which has been designed to tell you about the type of counselling service I offer and a little about me too.

Contact Me

Please do contact me on 07711 047205 or 01372 458103 or me if you would like to make an appointment to come and see me. I’d be pleased to hear from you.